Reclaim your creativity, amplify it and energise your team with Monticello’s  ‘Imagine….’ one-day programme.


  • why creative thinking is imperative in the 21st Century
  • the different types of creativity, and why they matter
  • the tools you can use to unlock your own inherent creative ability
  • suggestions and tips on how to build creative team cultures

This one-­day intensive learning course (with half-­day follow up) is ideal for everyone who feels that their workplace could do with more creative thinking. We’ll give you and your team the skills and confidence you need to take innovation into the heart of your business.

The day breaks down into three key sections, each with a specially designed ‘starter’, and ‘key activity’ ensuring maximum skills transfer as we build practical know-how that endures.

The session is led by Jamie Colonna – the award-winning creative genius behind some the UK’s most iconic advertising campaigns – and Nick Jefferson from Monticello LLP, the London-based advisory firm with a track record in delivering lasting, positive change to corporations around the world.

The programme is suitable for up to 10 participants.

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