Words Don’t Come Easy?

Learn to write -­ in your corporate voice.


-­ what makes great content, and why

­‐ how to create great content, according to some simple guidelines

‐ what your ‘corporate voice’ is, and how to use it

This one-­day intensive learning course (with half­‐day follow up) is ideal for anyone who wants a refresher in the art of writing.

The day breaks down into three key sections, each with a specially designed ‘starter’, ‘key activity’ and ‘plenary session’.

We’ll deal with grammar, the evils of verbiage and and any other ‘nasties’ you struggle with whilst helping you create a durable writing toolkit for your organisation.

The programme is suitable for 10 participants and is run by Monticello LLP, a London-­based advisory firm with a track record in delivering lasting, positive change to corporations around the world.


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