Everybody’s Talking About Bagism.

This Christmas we are being subjected to the usual schmaltz fest. A tawdry parade that is, by and large, the product of client briefs that might as well read ‘We’d Like Something Like John Lewis, If That’s OK’.

But one advert stands out. Is an exception. And, tellingly, is in fact born of the Adam and Eve stable.

Step forward Mulberry.

Bravo on your wonderful, humorous adaptation of The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Bravo on being ‘brave’ enough to be product-focused and grounded, unlike so much of what else is out there.

Bravo on a spot that is well-written, well-directed, well-shot, well-acted, and just – well – good.

Mulberry 1, Rest Of The World 0.

– this piece first published by The Marketing Society

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