Rockin’ All Over The World.

Ann Summers is a household name in the UK.

And for a nation that still has a – well let’s just say – complex relationship with sex, the business has carved out a beautifully shaped niche for itself on the British High Street.

All the more reason to get their international e-commerce strategy just right.

Working in close collaboration with the brilliant Ann Summers team, we established:

– which non-UK markets they should target, and why;

– how to position the finely calibrated brand in those markets, respecting and working with the grain of local cultures and norms;

– what those markets needed, in terms of products and offer, and how best to offer that through appropriately localised e-commerce.

An incredible client, and a fabulous piece of 21st Century Growth thinking on their part: opening the door to exciting new markets.

A real buzz 🙂

Monticello LLP